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At Christina's Learn and Play



Q:Do you except children in diapers?

A: Yes, there is no diaper fee, the parents provide the diapers, and cream. Christina’s Learn and Play Daycare provides wipes, and will help with potty training when the child is ready.

Q:Where do the children play outside?

A: Christina’s Learn and Play has a large yard, with numerous play structures, a sandbox, tricycles, and coupe cars to drive.

Q:Where do children play when its raining?

A: children will play with a variety of toys in the large play room or given the choice of quiet or high movement activities in the living room such as music, and movement.

Q:what kind of activities are available to the children?

A: on a daily basis children are provided with experiences in cooking, science, music and movement

Q: How much time is spent outside vs inside?

A: Because of the nice size of the yard 50% of the program is celebrated outside, with the exception of the weather. Christina’s learn and play promotes a healthy lifestyle with play, and activity. The children are given ample time to play  and explore the outside environment as well as create, and experiment with the inside living environment.

Q:What is naptime like at Christina’s Learn and Play Daycare?

A: Each child has his or her own nap mat/pack n play. Family's will need to supply a bag with bedding (sheets, and blanket) and Lovie, and binky. Every Friday nap mats/ pack n plays will be wiped down, and disinfected. Bedding will be sent home to be washed. We begin preparing for naptime after lunch, and diapers are checked. A story will be read to relax, and attention given to children to help them sleep. Naptime is from 1pm-3:30pm. Some children will fall asleep sooner. As the children wake from nap while the other children sleep children can do quiet activities. When all children wake up we will then go outside.

Q:When is tuition due?

A: All tuition is due in advance. Payments are due on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

Q:What if we are running late, and pick our child up after 6pm?

A: Christina’s Learn and Play Daycare is licensed to operate between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm. If you arrive after those hours, you will be subject to a late fee. The fee is $10.00 for every  15 minute interval